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Delivers a lay of the land

so great to have a resource that celebrates local entrepreneurship in NEO. Wonderful guests, skilled interviewer, learn something every time!

Jeffrey is a skilled interviewer :)

Always enjoy listening each week and learning about interesting folks doing interesting things in The Land. Thanks Jeffrey!

Great podcast that’s filling a void

I’ve really enjoyed the interviews and conversations that have been had on the podcast so far! It’s great to hear the perspective and experiences of different individuals in the Cleveland entrepreneurial and start up scene. The podcast provides helpful information for current entrepreneurs in The Land or those considering an entrepreneurial venture. There have been so many great take always in just the few episodes I’ve listened to.

Wonderful intro!

As a new Clevelander (and non-boomerang!), this podcast has been an incredible way to get to know what’s happening on the city. Each voice and guest is unique, but as it goes on a clearer picture of the local fabric is forming for me. Thank you for putting this together!

The inside scoop on the CLE startup scene

An important podcast for the Cleveland startup scene— helping to weave together everything going on across the ecosystem without a hidden agenda.

Excellent resource for all startups!

I especially love hearing the historical tidbits about Cleveland and that you always ask the guest what their favorite part of Cleveland is. I wish I had a resource like this when I started my business 25 years ago. What a welcoming community. Looking forward to hearing more.

Great podcast

This is such a great podcast for anybody interested in the Cleveland startup ecosystem, although a lot of the topics apply even at a more general level. The hosts ask very insightful questions and guests have relevant experience to share. Can't wait for more!

Start in CLE

It’s about time someone made a podcast focused on the Cleveland startup scene. Excited to tune in each week.