Oct. 14, 2021

#45: India Johnson (UAVistas)

India Johnson — Founder of UAVistas — on the future of drones and their implications for business and society.

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 Our conversation this week is with India Johnson — Founder of UAVistas.

With a background in biology and computer science, India Johnson is an unmanned aerial systems pilot, entrepreneur, public servant, and geospatial developer. India is responsible for flying, processing data from, and maintaining the Cleveland Metroparks drone fleet flying. Applications of her work include natural resource management, planning and engineering projects, as well as marketing videos and stills. In her role as a geospatial developer for the Metroparks, she wears many hats from securing and maintaining servers, developing web apps, and writing code to solve problems.

Outside of her work with the Metroparks, she’s founded her own business, UAVistas, where she incubates different drone applications. 

Really enjoyed learning about drones and India’s passion for them —  please enjoy my conversation with India Johnson!


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