Aug. 19, 2021

#37: Brent Zimmerman (Saucy Brew Works)

Brent Zimmerman — Co-Founder & CEO of Saucy Brew Works — on starting and building one of Ohio’s fastest growing breweries and Cleveland-based brewpubs, now valued at over $100mm.

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Our conversation this week is with Brent Zimmerman — Co-Founder & CEO of Saucy Brew Works, a Cleveland-based production brewery and brewpub with roots based in the Steelman building off 29th and Detroit Avenue.

Over the last year, Brent has grown Saucy to become the fourth fastest growing brand in the state of Ohio and one of the top grossing craft breweries in Cleveland winning Beer and Brewpub awards across the board from's best brewery to Ohio City's business of the year.

Brent is an entrepreneur, beer fanatic, and has steered Saucy Brew Works from inception to where it stands today, valued at over $100mm dollars, across capital raising, branding, construction, distribution, community building, culture, product and geographic expansion.

I loved hearing about Brent's story starting up what is now a true staple in Ohio City and beyond — I hope you enjoy my conversation with Brent Zimmerman.


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