June 24, 2021

#29: Brandon and Jarred Smith (NOOMA)

Jarred & Brandon Smith — co-founders of NOOMA — on going beyond making sports nutrition drinks and building a company that makes an impact on society.

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Our conversation this week is with Jarred & Brandon Smith — co-founders of NOOMA.

The NOOMA journey began for Jarred & Brandon as hockey-playing brothers who couldn’t stand the sugar-packed, artificial sports drinks we've all been given our whole lives, all the way up to their time as professional athletes. 

The whole thing made no sense to them; they were competing at the highest level, yet given products based on big corporate partnerships, not what’s actually good for you. So they forged their own path using only organic, plant-based, and real ingredients - and no added sugar - to make products that taste great and actually work. The other part of their mission is to go beyond making drinks and build a company that makes an impact on society.

NOOMA is a Cleveland staple and increasingly a national one! Really enjoyed this conversation!


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