June 17, 2021

#28: Todd Federman (North Coast Ventures)

Todd Federman — managing director of North Coast Ventures — on investing in Cleveland-based startups and the larger Cleveland entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Our conversation this week is with Todd Federman — managing director of North Coast Ventures.

North Coast includes six funds and has closed $65M+ of capital in 60 early-stage companies since 2007. Prior to joining North Coast, Todd launched a consumer packaged goods company, One With Nature, and worked for technology consulting company, DiamondCluster. 

We cover a lot in this conversation from what makes for a good early-stage funding ecosystem to what’s working in Cleveland and what could we be doing better. We deep dive into angel networks, founder mentality, valuation, risk aversion, startup quantity, geographic competition, and much more!

Todd’s perspective is critical in understanding the lay of the land — Enjoy!


Connect with Todd: https://www.linkedin.com/in/toddfederman/

Learn more about North Coast Ventures: https://northcoast.vc/


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