April 6, 2023

#113: Bill Wichert and Matt Crowley (TonDone)

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Matt Crowley and Bill Wichert, the co-founders of TonDone, have recently secured $1.5 million in funding and facilitated over $30 million in work orders through their platform. Their mission is to solve the challenges faced by building and facility services.

Matt and Bill first crossed paths at Case Western Reserve University and decided to work together going forward. In an eclectic joint career experience, they served as Chief Information Officers at Philadelphia International Airport and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, where they oversaw the development of technology resources for millions of airline customers annually. Their industry knowledge and experience in aviation inspired them to create software for airport operations, which eventually — through a series of learnings and pivots, and participation in Akron's Bounce Innovation Hub accelerator and Techstars accelerator programs — led them to the idea of developing a business operating system for the building and facility service market at large — they developed a platform to help frontline employees get a ton done, hence TonDon!

In this episode, Matt and Bill discuss their experience with airport innovation, the ups and downs of pivoting, team building, the importance of falling in love with the problem instead of an idea, knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, the power of accelerator programs, and much more.

Please enjoy my conversation with Matt Crowley and Bill Wichert!


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